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A space to
re-connect with your


Somatic coaching, Yoga, mindfulness, nature therapy and meditation.

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Fil Soul Journey


Soulful retreat in


Yoga, Meditation and Nature therapy

Soulful retreat in paradise from the  10th to 17th of August in Bali, Indonesia!

*Early bird price until the 20th of February.


This retreat will renovate and nurture your soul, heart, mind, energy and body.


•7 nights and 8 days accommodation in a beautiful hotel close to one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, surrounded by stunning nature and spectacular landscapes.

• A retreat for self-love, self-care, connection, growth and self-knowledge.

• We will experience a deep immersion into the nature of self through sacred teachings, powerful tools and experiences;

• Meditation, Yoga healing, Breath and energy work, Holistic Coaching, Cellular detoxification, Nature Therapy, creative self-exploration, somatic work and sound healing 🧘🏽‍♀️🍃

• Delicious plant-based food in charge of a specialised chef.


We'll immerse ourselves in the breathtaking landscapes of the enchanting Island of Gods, fostering connections and mindful exploration.

Welcome to this space of consciousness,
healing, wellness and reconnection.


Guided therapies and meditations in nature

individual therapies

Discover our courses and workshops

Learn yoga and meditation through the variety of courses and workshops that Fil Soul has for you. We offer breathwork, mindfulness and meditation workshops, initiation to yoga, guided meditation, energy practices, self-growth and self-development programs and different alternatives so that you can begin or continue this powerful journey. 

Angela M.

“I wanted to thank you because in a way you are an angel. With your classes I am learning to manage my anxiety and above all to see who I am, everything I can do and not expect so much from people. You have an energy that heals and changes the minds of many people, I hope to continue in this story for a long time!"

This year give a gift

For the soul

And give your loved ones ENERGY, PEACE AND WELLNESS.

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Mindfulness and Meditation

Duration 40mins

In this complete mindfulness and meditation class we will practice some very gentle yoga, breathwork, Mindfulness and meditation to harmonize your chakras, your mind, body, energy and spirit!

How meditating changes our life

Helps you sleep better

Reduces anxiety and depression

Reduces stress levels

Improves attention and concentration

"Practice meditation. It's fundamental. Once you enjoy it, you can't put it down, and the benefits are immediate."

Dalai Lama

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