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Transformative and Somatic


Somatic therapy + Mind-body coaching is a holistic and organic process in which you can discover a path of comprehensive realization and transformation, encompassing somatic, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.


This allows you to unlock your greatest potential, create, and bring forth those changes, desires, and dreams that are deeply significant and resonate with your values and higher self.

Most of our behaviour is not cognitive or mental but rather anchored in our neurobiology and our patterns of behaviour and response, which are activated even before we are aware of them.

That's why science has made a significant contribution to embodiment in understanding the mind/body relationship and its effects on the nervous system and our lives.

With somatic coaching, we can access our subconscious, and the reality is that we manifest through our subconscious. In this zone, we also store our deepest habits, emotions, and beliefs

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