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Somatic Therapy and Holistic Coaching

Service description

Somatic comes from the word SOMA=whole self or whole BEING (Mind-body-spirit). Somatic coaching and Mind-body coaching is a holistic and organic process in which you are able to discover a path of integral, somatic, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual realisation and transformation, to expand your potential, create and bring those changes or desires that are important to you and resonate with your values In these coaching sessions we will explore all the aspects of your being and delve into your experiences within each important aspect that contributes to your life. Our intention is to delve discover and uncover any patterns or beliefs that may be affecting your progress. We will assess your overall well-being from a holistic perspective, taking into account the energetic, spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional dimensions and we can implement powerful actions and provide you with tools for growth and healing, enabling you to reconnect with your happiness, inner peace, and authentic essence.

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