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Copy of Soulful Retreat

Este servicio no está disponible. Contáctate para saber más al respecto.

Service description

- The closest airport is Ballina in NSW about 25 min from Byron Bay, or Gold Coast airport can have cheaper flights and it’s about one hour from Byron Bay. (From the airport there is different options: bus or taxi, it’s recommended to book online or check options first) - Check Sky scanner to have a look at prices in different airlines for the 30th of march to 2 of April, or perhaps you would like to stay for longer at your own. - We recommend to buy a flexible flight ticket so you can make changes without an extra cost. - The retreat is in Suffolk park a small piece of paradise about 10 min south by car from Byron Bay. - We can pick you up from Byron Bay if we know ahead of time and we can organize. - We will start on Thursday the 30th around 11am so find a flight to have enough time to arrive on time. - We will finish on Sunday at midday. - There will be some free time for you to explore the area and to do as you desire (extras are not included). - Massage therapy available (Our beautiful massage therapy professional will give us a special price if you feel like booking this service) What to bring: 1. Sneakers to walk or shoes for walking 2. Exercise/ yoga clothes/ comfortable clothes 3. Some casual clothes 4. Sandals 5. Light jacket or light cardigan 6. Swimsuit 7. Pen and notebook 8. If you would like to bring your own yoga mat that’s a good idea 🤍 and optional 9. water bottle 10. Sunscreen and bug repellent

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