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Mindful Day in Nature

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Service description

Experience a very powerful practice; Shinrin-Yoku (Nature therapy). Nature therapy is an evidence based practice that works as a preventive medicine for lifestyle diseases, promoting health and wellbeing. In this experience we will immerse ourselves in beautiful sacred places where we will explore nature’s language and connection, from a sunrise meditation, a mindful walk, sensory, movement and body awareness and local sustainable delicious snacks and drinks. This event is on the 29th of January at Broken head, a very special place with a great cultural significance for Arakwal people. - Forest/Nature therapy guided walk. - Meditation, body and sensory awareness. - Nature connection - Awareness of nature lenguage - Local sustainable delicious snacks and drinks. You can join us here or contact me if you have any questions 🦋😊💚🍃 A bit more about it: I have designed a mindful day in nature and other conscious experiences while ago when I was taking groups of people to immerse in nature in very remote places in my country, these remote places were affected by violence in the past, but they were developing into pristine touristic places with a huge potential for growth. I wanted to help these communities by bringing sustainable tourism into these areas, and in the same way, the groups living these experiences were able to connect deeply with themselves, connect to indigenous communities, nature and consciously enjoy these pristine beautiful places. There is when I realised the healing power of nature and how important is to reconnect with it and with ourselves to elevate our consciousness and therefore protect our planet. I am certified in nature therapy, coaching, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and other holistic practices for health and wellbeing, that’s when I started offering these experiences long ago, first as a hobby (while I was working for big corporations) but then I decided to start this journey and help others to heal, grow, connect and live more conscious, happier lives.

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